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Sick of being tired?
Tired of being sick?
Let Nature Cure lifestyle be the one you pick

How Can I Assist You?

As a Nature Cure Naturopath, I use a wholistic approach. I know how important it is to consider all aspects of your health and to ensure you feel heard, safe, are respected and understood.

DISEASE is far more than the changes in the body or the tissues, conversely, HEALTH is far more than the absence of physical symptoms.

I will assist you to identify and address the causes, make better sense of your symptoms, and work out a plan.

By fully understanding your particular health requirements:
  • I will suggest cost effective strategies.
  • I will take the guess work out of looking after your health and work with you every step of the way, teaching you how to prepare simple healthy balanced meals.
  • I can help you develop or enhance your health goals and assist you in achieving these goals.
  • I can show you strategies to help prevent illnesses or inherited dispositions from occurring
All without the expense of supplements!
  • You will learn how to increase your vitality, improve your health and wellbeing!
  • If you want things to be different, you have to do something different!
  • If you want to be well, first stop doing what is making you sick!
  • Supply the body with its natural needs, then you will have health!
  • Health is a normal state of the body.
  • Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease.


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About Marilyn Bodnar

Marilyn is a Nature Cure Naturopath and has been practising for over 33 years. She specialises in parent's and children's health, infertility & many other health related issues.

As a lifestyle coach, Marilyn teaches you how to remove the cause of diseases and assist your body to heal itself through applying the basic principles of natural health and healing, called Nature Cure.

Her therapies include;
Bowen Therapy/Emmett Technique; Light Touch Cranio-Sacral therapy; Hydrotherapy;Therapeutic, Remedial or Aromatherapy Massage with certified pure essential oils; and Exercise Therapy.

Marilyn provides the therapies above to relax the body, release tension in the fascia, relieve pain and assist the body to return to a happy balance with no discomforts.

She also offers workshops with vegan, whole plant foods and cooking classes (see NUTRITION page for all the details of upcoming workshops).

  • Nature Cure Naturopath
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach
  • Therapeutic and Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Corporate Massage
  • Bowen Therapy
  • Emmett Muscle Release
  • Light Touch Cranio-Sacral Therapy
  • Sports Injury Therapist, Exercise Therapist
  • Steam Sauna & Hydrotherapy treatments
  • Wholemeal Breadmaking & Vegetarian/Vegan Whole Plant Foods Instructor


"Diagnosed medically by a specialist doctor at 15, I was told that Crohn's disease is incurable. I was also 141 kgs at 5ft 1" and 35 years of age, when I consulted with Marilyn in January 2010. Today April 2012, I am a very happy 68 kgs. I gradually lost the weight over that time, as I followed Marilyn's guidance and applied the simple natural health principles. My doctor says I have the healthiest bowel he has ever seen. It is amazing to see the changes in my blood too, when Marilyn did screening rechecks. There are no more signs of inflammation showing. I am going to the gym. I feel great and love the health and vitality I have now."
Cheryl from Minto

"I suffered with severe chronic fatigue for over 20 years, and because I could not perform any activity, I gained too much weight. I could not go anywhere and had become very depressed. I was taking heaps of medication and supplements, and I was not getting any better. Now, since putting into practice the simple lifestyle changes Marilyn recommended, I have lost the weight I needed to, I have more energy than ever before and I am going out and enjoying my life at 33."
Lara from Moorebank

"Migraine headaches tormented me 3 to 4 times a week. That was 5 years ago when I was 25. I found Bowen therapy and from the first session with Marilyn, I began to have relief to where the migraines were just once a month. Today I no longer suffer with migraines, as I made some profound lifestyle changes especially with what was seen in comprehensive screening examination."
Doris from Bankstown

"I had tinnitus (ringing in my one ear) for a few months. After one Bowen treatment with Marilyn, I realised a couple of days later that the tinnitus had gone! We have also been working on RSI in my right elbow, which had been bothering me for ages.
Finally after 4 Bowen sessions it is almost healed. The advantage in seeing Marilyn and enjoying the Bowen combined with steam sauna treatments in her clinic, is that I am visiting one person who is helping me with all my health issues. I have had to see numerous specialists this year, all for different things. I really feel like I am taking control of my body again with the coaching I have received from Marilyn in simple nature cure health principles. And all without paying big dollars for any supplements which do not address the cause of the problem. Thank you!

Joy from Guildford

"I would just like to thank you for treating me at your centre. After two Bowen Therapy treatments, I noticed the ringing in my ears had gone. I didnít mention this to Marilyn in my initial visit, but it was a pleasant surprise to let her know this after my second treatment.
Thanks again Cheryl"
Cheryl from Ruse

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